Tacoma Chess News – February 2015


By Gary Dorfner
February 9, 2015

The Tacoma Chess Club reopened December 5th of last year after a two-month hiatus. (The first game at the new site between Steve Buck & Ben Pettijohn ended in a draw.)

Our first new tournament was the 2014 Club Championship. Winners were;

  • 1st Mike MacGregor with 4.5
  • 2nd – 3rd Paul Bartron and Tom Walker 3.5
  • Class B – Larry Anderson 3.0
  • Class D/E – Ron Taylor
  • Senior – Gary Dorfner
  • Junior – Noah Fields

Our senior champion is Gary Dorfner and junior champion is Noah Fields. Upset prizes were awarded for R-2 Tom Walker, R-3 Steve Buck and R-5 Bill Rogers.

The Christmas Congress was held at the Fife Library on 12/20. With just four players it was played as a quad.

  • 1st was Viktors Pupols 3.0,
  • 2nd Arjun Thomas,
  • 3rd Steve Buck 1.0 and
  • 4th Ralph Anthony 0.5.

The New Year G/30 as held on 1/23 with eight players. Winners were:

  • 1st Tom Walker and Steve Buck 3.0,
  • 2nd Paul Bartron, Ben Pettijohn and Larry Anderson with 2.0.

At the annual membership meeting the following officers were elected for 2015;

  • President – Steve Buck
  • V.P. / Sargeant-at-arms – Paul Bartron
  • Secretary – Vivi Bartron
  • Treasurer – Mike MacGregor
  • TD – Gary Dorfner
  • Publicity / Web master – Tom Walker
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