Tacoma Chess Times, Fall 2017


Club Ladder

Our first ladder pairing – with some confusion! – was August 25th. The club will be pairing the ladder board on Friday nights when we don’t have an event. On Tuesdays, players may challenge up to three places up; player #12 may challenge players 11, 10 or 9, etc. Players mutually agree to time controls. All ladder games are touch-move!

Bartron Wins June TCC Quick

Paul Bartron continued his winning ways by winning all 4 rounds of the June TCC Quick. Tom Walker & David Wight shared second. This event was held at the club on 6/9.

Bartron & Anderson Tie

Paul Bartron & Larry Anderson tied for 1st in the 3-round TCC Summer Quick. Both won all three rounds. Second place went to Tom Walker and new member Mike Robinson.

Owen Xuan wins Evergreen Empire Open

Only 4 players took part. Owen took first, winning all 3 rounds. Peter O’Gorman took home 2nd.

Luke Xie wins Puget Sound Open

Luke finished undefeated. First U2000 went to Joseph Truelson, first U1700 was claimed by Brian Lee & Ron Kirsch. U1400 was shared by Adam Shea, Rowan Foxley and Steve Burnworth. There were 11 players.

The Puget Sound Open is the oldest & longest running Tournament in the state. It was started by the Tacoma club in 1934.

Walker Wins Firecracker Swiss

Tom Walker took home first, Larry Anderson took second & Paul Bartron got third. Eight players participated.

Club Championship Starts in September

Please note: the championship format is changing to a game-60 time control.
Dates: Sept. 15, 22, 29, Oct. 6
Round Times: 8:00 pm.
Site: Portland Ave. Community Center 3513 Portland Ave. E., Tacoma, WA
Format: 4 round Swiss in 1 section
Time Control: G/60   –   Entry Fee: Free   –   Club rated
Prizes: Class prizes and first, second and third; other prizes may be awarded depending on attendance.
Byes: 1 half point bye available.

You must be a member of the club to play

If you cannot be at the club to play a round please let the TD know. For more info contact Gary at (253)535-2536 or ggarychess@aol.com


Editor and Tournament Director:  Gary Dorfner

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